Bollard, light steles and pole-top luminaires

It can be integrated into almost any outdoor area, because the round shape and simple design of this sublime outdoor luminaire will not be a nuisance under any circumstances.

The LUPALO not only proves its flexibility visually; its technical refinements also make it highly compatible and conjure up a wonderfully homogeneous light in pedestrian zones, on pavements as well as in parks, car parks and other public places.

The perfectly shaped exterior of the LUPALO captivates with its simple elegance and clear design language, which makes these bollards amazingly adaptable. Their graceful form without corners and edges can be smoothly arranged with any architecture and thus facilitates both planning and installation.


  • Luminaire series for all public areas such as city centres, promenades, streets, paths, squares, parks or car parks. Consisting of bollard luminaire, light stele and pole-top luminaire
  • .
  • Modular luminaire heads with high degree of protection pre-wired with cable ready for connection at the factory
  • Dark Sky: Protection of the environment and insects through demand-oriented light distribution without light emission into the upper half space
  • The use of low-corrosion aluminium alloys in combination with a two-layer seawater-resistant coating and stainless steel fasteners and connecting elements ensure durability
  • Optically elegant current conduction via filigree steel cables between control gear and LED, reducing shadows
  • High-performance LED refractor optics with different light distributions
  • Standard with CLO
  • Control gear with integrated overvoltage protection
  • DALI converter suitable for DC voltage - suitable for central emergency power supply
  • Available as Smart/SR version for lighting management and sensor technology
Артикул размеры Источник света Цветовая температура Потребляемая мощность Номинальный световой поток Распределение света
612221.004.1 612221.004.1 D 187, H 1200 LED 840 20 W 920 lm симметричный
612221.004 612221.004 D 187, H 1200 LED 830 20 W 810 lm симметричный
612221.0031.1 612221.0031.1 D 187, H 1200 LED 840 20 W 870 lm симметричный
612221.0031 612221.0031 D 187, H 1200 LED 830 20 W 810 lm симметричный

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