PGVG 200


PGVG 200
серо-белый (RAL 9002)
Европейский номер изделия (EAN)

Type: NVG200-26-DC-G
emergency light supply units for operating 1 or 2 luminaires with
incandescent lamps or low pressure discharge lamps with electronic
Single battery system design in accordance with EN 60598-2-22.
Battery: sealed Pb battery.
Housing: 960 °C glow wire tested
Output: 106W (rated duration 1h) / 45W (rated duration 3h)
Length with fixing bar: 580mm

Electrical design:
Electronic unit with charger, 2 power monitoring units, 2
switch units, DC-DC converter / DC-AC converter, 2
lighting circuits, deep discharge protective shutdown and self test and
feedback to Multidigit system. Luminaires can be operated in
non-maintained or maintained power mode. Separate light inputs and
outputs, and control inputs to switch the luminaires in mains operation,
per lighting circuit. Battery is charged through input 1.
If mains power fails on input 1 and/or input 2,
charging is interrupted and output 1 and/or output 2 is fed from the
battery. Once mains power is restored, the device switches
back from battery to mains operation after a short delay (10s). During mains operation,
the luminaires can be switch individually from non-maintained
to maintained power mode using control inputs 1 and 2. An
external switch (passive) or external control signal (active) can be used to remotely
block switchover from mains to battery operation. The
device shuts down automatically if overheating, overload or a short circuit occurs
during battery operation. The standard self monitoring function performs
automatic weekly function tests (charger,
switch unit and lighting circuits) and annual rated duration tests (battery capacity). The luminaires are
controlled by a self adjusting power management system. A display
and foil key show operating states and malfunctions and permit
function tests to be triggered manually. A
message output can forward group malfunctions to an
external alarm system.
Battery unit with maintenance free sealed Pb battery,
service life: 6-9 years according to EUROBAT.

Mechanical design:
Battery and electronic units in separate boxes in accordance with EN 50272-2.
Battery unit with ventilation slit.
Screw-fastened lid, hinged at the side. Wires threaded through
cable bushings.

Technical specifications:
Mains supply: 1~/N 230 V; max. 0.25A; 50 Hz
Output voltage: 230 V ~ (mains), 170¸ 225 V = (battery)
Permissible ambient temperature: + 5 to + 45 °C (electronic unit), 0 to
+ 20 °C (battery unit)
Type of protection: IP56 (electronic unit), IP33 (battery unit)

Технические данные

Электротехнические данные:

230 V / 50 - 60 Hz


Степень защиты
IP 33
Класс защиты
Торговая марка


Длина L
560 мм
Ширина B
237 мм
Высота H
170 мм
18,5 кг

Аварийное освещение:

Вариант аккумулятора
Режим эксплуатации
Аварийный режим включения, Режим длительного включения
для MultiDigit
Ном. длительность эксплуатации
1 h, 3 h
Number of Luminaires per circuit
Number of Luminaires per basic unit
Вид монтажа
Charging Current
5 A
Number of Output Circuits
2 Stück
Max. connected load per final circuit
Max. number of Luminaires per final circuit
1 Stück
Luminaire Monitoring
Circuit monitoring
Number of Final Circuits per arrangement
Non-maintained, Maintained, Switched maintained
Max. total wattage for 1 hour
Max. total wattage for 3 hours
Rated Voltage
Output Voltage
230 Volt AC, 225 Volt DC
Input Voltage
230V / 50Hz
Sekundärspannung kombiniert
  • Готова к эксплуатации
  • Батарейный режим
  • Сетевой режим
  • Задержка при заряжании
  • Неисправности светильника
  • Неисправность батареи
  • испытательный режим эксплуатационная проверка
  • испытательный режим длительная эксплуатационная проверка
  • Terminal Blocks
    2,5 mm²
    Number of Final Circuits per arrangement

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    Технические описания

    Declaration of Conformity

    Инструкция по эксплутации

    Кривая силы света (КСС)

      Описание светильника


      09-6230.000 09-6230.000 L 175, B 42, H 33 Электронное переключающее устройство для работы в режиме с регулируемой яркостью
      981353.009 981353.009 L 96, B 48, H 50 Переключающее устройство для монтажа C-профилей