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With the new LPS system Easy+IP from RZB, with 200 watts total output, you can efficiently supply and monitor 4 circuits for max. 100 watts each, with up to 20 luminaires each for escape route illumination and/or escape route signs. The power distribution can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Maximum power per final circuit is 100 watts. For each final circuit you can choose whether you want single luminaire monitoring (only with MOM module) or circuit monitoring. With circuit monitoring, even the failure of LED luminaires with very low power can be reliably detected thanks to the very precise current measurement. All final circuits can be operated in any desired switching mode or, with the optional MOM module in the luminaire, in mixed operation of all switching modes within a final circuit. No configuration is required on the MOM module for this. All settings are easily and clearly made directly from the system. Naturally, individual luminaires or groups of luminaires can be switched across circuits. Each MOM module also has a full-featured light switch setting sensor module, which enables not only light switching but also circuits for special functions such as local emergency, emergency lighting disable function, manual reset, timer and timer programs. The principle of absolute user-friendly is evident throughout the EASY+IP, from the ultra-easy installation – including cable insertion from above and behind, and the generous cable connection compartment – to automatic function monitoring of the system and all connected lights. The optional seven-inch colour display provides clear information about the system status, as well as possible and necessary actions. It can be operated intuitively thanks to the self-explanatory menu navigation and touchscreen technology. The system is also characterised by simple scalability: up to 250 EASY+IP systems can be networked together. The special feature here is that you can fully monitor and operate any Easy+IP located in the same network from any other Easy+IP. You can therefore operate up to 250 Easy+IP systems as conveniently as a single central battery unit. It is also possible to operate or configure up to 1000 +IP systems conveniently from a PC using the optional Control+IP software. Here, too, there are no functional restrictions.

Артикул Web Zubehörtext 2 ru Max. total wattage for 1 hour Max. total wattage for 3 hours Max. total wattage for 8 hours Switching Rating Number of Output Circuits
985575 985575 200 200 120 4
985574 985574 200 200 120 4

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