75 years of RZB – a tribute to the past: TURTLE. A portable designer light.

A portable designer light.
RZB | Designed by Helmut Heinrich


The reduced form manifested by turtles offers tremendous design potential, or at a minimum can serve as an inspiration for outstanding designs. Their appealing oval shape, their impenetrable armor, their tranquil presence: we simply couldn’t resist the temptation to imitate this incomparable design by Mother Nature.



Constructed of die-cast aluminum and unbreakable crystal glass, outfitted with advanced LED technology, and replete with outstanding attributes that would have even impressed the likes of Steve Jobs, the TURTLE is an exemplary mobile fixture with a retro industrial design featuring an old-fashioned cloth-sheathed power cord, among other things. These retro attributes make the Turtle particularly striking, yet unobtrusive when mounted on walls or furnishings.



Take a moment to close your eyes, and imagine what our Turtle luminaire might look like mounted on a brick or concrete wall, or on a high-gloss front panel. And then factor in an additional light source shining on a work surface made of glass, slate or coloured laminate. Or imagine the Turtle suspended, via an S-hook, from a magnificent 19th century door knob, or an Eames Hang-it-all rack. The solid metallic element on the rear side can be used as either a base or as a suspension bracket – which means that the Turtle can be effortlessly and quickly moved from a wall to a table, from a hook to a sideboard, or from a kitchen to an office. And what’s more, such changes can be effected far more quickly than the product’s animal-world namesake, the turtle, moves.




Base: die-cast aluminium, powder-coated.

Glass cover: white lacquered inside, textured.

Cover ring: die-cast aluminium. Screw fitting.

1.80 m cloth-covered power cord

with safety plug and switch.

Dimensions: L 245, W 132, H 87 mm

Light source: 3 x LED 4 W

Light colour: warm white 3,000 K or cool white 6,300 K

LED included.



RZB LOFT comprises an exclusive selection of design award winning luminaires, which integrate energy efficient LED technology and are suitable for both private and commercial settings.

RZB LOFT is a brand of the German luminaire maker RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH. For more than seven decades now, RZB has devoted itself to the development and manufacture of the highest quality luminaires. The company’s two guiding principles – Smart Technology and Excellent Design – form the basis of and are at the core of everything the company does.

Before a product is given the green light, it has to be energy efficient, it has to be user friendly, and its appearance has to be pleasing.

RZB LOFT lighting solutions are available in exclusive  luminaire and furnishing stores.

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