RZB’s light+building 2014 highlight
LESS IS MORE forges friendships - and is fun, too

Economists and aesthetes often don’t see eye to eye. When it comes to our Less Is More luminaires, the maximization principle that economists swear by encounters an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design that has amazed us. Because people with widely varying opinions on any number of things have been telling their friends about this LED linear system, have been praising its countless configuration and deployment options to the skies, and now feel bound by friendship, so to speak.

Needless to say, less is more, in the sense of achieving your desired goal with the available resources, is a terrific concept. But the products of success only become a source of fun and pleasure if the said resources are themselves appealing. Our Less Is More luminaires, with their minimalist design, myriad accessory options, and outstanding lighting quality, are a prime example of how form and function can be successfully combined.

This LED linear system is configured for each individual customer project and is available in a surface mounted, recessed, or suspended version. Planners and users can select from various lumen options and light colours, and can obtain the exact type of light diffusion desired via reflectors, opal covers, and/or diffusers.

Our Less Is More luminaire, which is realizable as a homogenous “infinite line,” is ideal for corridor lighting, as well as for efficient general lighting in offices and stores. Whether installed over counters, tables or desks, Less Is More provides soft, indirect upward light and powerful downward lighting, and makes an extremely strong design statement.

Product features

  • Powerful designer LED linear system for interiors
  • Available as a recessed, suspended or surface mounted version
  • Made to order on a project specific basis
  • Minimalist design combined with customized configurations translates into myriad deployment options
  • Can be realized as an “infinite line” (continuous run system)
  • Available in various watt/lumen configurations
  • Available in 3,000 K or 4,000 K light colours
  • Light diffusion options: reflectors, prisms or opal coverings. Opal diffuser (only for suspended model)
  • Tracks constructed of brushed or white powder-coated aluminium
  • Minimal heat dissipation ensures a long service life and maintenance friendliness
  • Outstanding colour trueness (CRI exceeding 82 percent). CRI exceeding 92% available on request and at a surcharge
  • Easy to install (surface mounted version via a clip fitting; recessed version via tension springs)

Store lighting by RZB means: 75 years of expertise for lighting "Made in Germany"

We provide energy-efficient and high performance solutions that deliver outstanding lighting quality for all POS settings – solutions that give your store a robust competitive advantage and will certainly contribute to the success of your business.
Less is More and other intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions based on Smart Technology and Excellent Design will be showcased at the light+building trade show in Frankfurt/Main from 30 March to 4 April, hall 3.0 stand D41.

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