Linear luminaires.

RZB’s light+building 2014 highlight
RZB Linear systems – like genuinely good ideas

Like genuinely good ideas, exceptional lighting solutions are a rare thing. And so it’s a cause for celebration when this concept is manifested by striplights that are precisely tailored to customer specifications and are incredibly easy to install. To this end, planners and users specify the exact length, wattage, colour temperature, beam angle, and IP rating for their LED striplight; and thus optimally set the stage for refined compositions comprising both direct and indirect light.

Could anything be more wonderful?

Outstanding configurability and minimalist design make our LED striplights one of the most successful lighting and indirect lighting solutions that we’ve ever come up with. The system’s three variants – Linear, High Power, and Less is More – allow you to create individual and cost-effective lighting solutions that are optimally suitable for your setting, including general, accent, effect and vault lighting in spaces, on surfaces, or on facades.

Our LED striplights can be realized as a homogenous “endless line”, or via the Less is More model, as recessed lighting. The system’s superior quality housing and technical components minimize heat dissipation, ensure optimal durability, and make these fixtures extremely maintenance friendly. The strips can be installed using either magnetic fasteners (surface mounted model) or tension springs (recessed model).

Product features

Individually configurable LED striplight system for interior and exterior lighting.

  • Made to order on a project specific basis
  • Three versatile models (Linear, High Power, Less is More)
  • Minimalist design (width: 27 mm or wider) allows for virtually limitless usage options.
  • Can be realized as a continuous run system
  • Available in various watt/lumen configurations, various lengths and both as a recessed luminaire and as a surface mount model
  • Available in four different light colours: 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 4,000 K, 6,000 K
  • Profile surface made of anodised aluminium
  • Minimal heat dissipation
  • Available with IP 40 or IP 65 rating
  • Hohe Farbtreue, Farbwiedergabeindex CRI > 82 %
  • High power LEDs; any inter-LED gap desired is possible with the High Power model.
  • Easy to install


Store lighting by RZB means: 75 years of expertise for lighting made in Germany.

We provide energy-efficient and high performance solutions that deliver outstanding lighting quality for all POS settings – solutions that give your store a robust competitive advantage and will certainly contribute to the success of your business.
Linear systems and other intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions based on Smart Technology and Excellent Design will be showcased at the light+building trade show in Frankfurt/Main from 30 March to 4 April, hall 3.0 stand D41.

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