RZB’s light+building 2014 highlight
TAREK - Best-in-class store lighting

“Tarek” is Arabic for “light with penetrating brightness”. But the time is long past when solely the eponymous LED module with luminous flux ranging up to 4,500 lumens got us so excited about this best-in-class spotlight. For the Tarek is a mini powerhouse and work of art, an outgrowth of pioneering technical and housing components; and it is, moreover, a lighting fixture that is surely destined to usher in a new era in the annals of lighting.

For this recessed or track lighting spotlight has the potential to foment a revolution. The high performance LED module is simply amazing, by virtue of its unusually high luminance for its class, minimal colour tolerances and its brilliant whitish hue. Colour rendering index and colour temperatures can be selected at will, depending on the desired application. When deployed in a setting-specific fashion, the special LEDs obviate the need for conventional food filters for meat, baked goods and produce. The die-cast aluminium housing is a quality statement unto itself, and at the same time guarantees a long service life. The fixture’s star-shaped cooling ribs also explain another dimension of the product’s name, and make the Tarek a striking design element. Technically speaking, the Tarek is a passively cooled luminaire, thanks to its ventilation channels and conical flow, which combine to create natural convection via the so called stack effect.

And should you need further convincing, consider the fact that the recessed version of the Tarek is equipped with RZB Push and Play technology, whereby a magnet mechanism allows you to reorient a bulb (installed flush with the ceiling) by sliding it out of the recess ring by simply pressing on the bulb with your finger. This design feature is a veritable godsend for lighting designers in that it enables them to create various lighting settings using only one type of luminaire. Users love how easy it is to switch between static and pivotable/rotatable light – thus rendering the Tarek incredibly versatile and future proof.

Product features:

  • Deluxe surface mounted or track light LED spotlight (Tarek S) or recessed LED spotlight (Tarek R), both for interiors.
  • The LED modules deliver luminous flux ranging up to 4,500 lm
    - included in the scope of delivery
    - interchangeable in accordance with the Zhaga standard
    - service life 50,000 hours
    - delivers saturated colours and a brilliant white hue (“fresh colour,” no. 930)
    - obviates the need for conventional food filters
  • Passive cooling thanks to star-shaped cooling ribs with ventilation channels (stack effect)
  • High quality housing made of die-cast aluminium
  • Colour rendering index (CRI) > 80 or CRI > 90
  • Colour temperatures 3,000 K and 4,000 K
  • Extremely low colour tolerance (3SDCM)
  • 13, 24 and 45 degree beam angles
  • Track lighting version (TAREK S) rotatable over 356 degrees and pivotable over 180/70 degrees
  • Anti-reflective safety glass protects LEDs and reflectors
  • Various light colours (830, 840) are available, thus allowing for a broad range of applications.
  • On/off converter standard and DALI in the track lighting version
  • Compatible with the RZB light control+3 lighting management system


Value added: Extremely flexible positioning. The recessed version (TAREK R) can be installed flush with the ceiling and slided out thanks to RZB’s state-of-the-art Push and Play technology, whereby a magnet mechanism allows you to reorient a bulb (installed flush with the ceiling) by sliding it out of the recess ring by simply pressing on the bulb with your finger.

Store lighting by RZB means: 75 years of expertise for lighting made in Germany.

We provide energy-efficient and high performance solutions that deliver outstanding lighting quality for all POS settings – solutions that give your store a robust competitive advantage and will certainly contribute to the success of your business.
Tarek and other intelligent and energy efficient lighting solutions based on Smart Technology and Excellent Design will be showcased at the light+building trade show in Frankfurt/Main from 30 March to 4 April, hall 3.0 stand D41.

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