light + building 2016: moisture-proof luminaire PLANOX ECO

Yes. Different from the rest.NEW from RZB:
PLANOX ECO moisture-proof luminaire

PLANOX ECO, is a highly efficient LED model made of shockproof polycarbonate (PC) and available at an extremely attractive price. Welldesigned right down to the smallest detail, replacing "new for old" and switching to LED technology is possible at minimal expense and effort.

As a 1:1 replacement for fluorescent lamps, PLANOX ECO replaces up to 2 x 58 W, producing energy savings of up to 63 percent. The articulated, stainless-steel mounting brackets, which are included in the price, are a practical advantage of the innovative moisture-proof luminaire.

They enable flexible installation and the use of existing boreholes to replace the light fitting. Through-wiring as a light channel of up to 21 lights is standard and a turn-lock fastener allows opening without the need for tools and cable installation on both sides. PLANOX ECO impresses with 320° homogeneous light output providing additional ceiling illumination.

PLANOX ECO is available in three lengths and five wattages with a luminous flux of 1.900 to 6.750 lumen in light colour 840.

Its low heat generation also makes PLANOX ECO ideal for workshops with limited surface temperatures and where there is a fire risk because of dust or fibres.

The moisture-proof luminaires in IP 66, which are shock-resistant and shatter-proof, are ideal for commercial and industrial application in underground garages and multi-storey car parks, warehouses, loading areas, wood-processing factories, production halls and as canopy illumination.


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caption: PLANOX ECO moisture-proof luminaire made with housing and diffuser
shockproof polycarbonate (PC) (pic. RZB)

caption: Yes. Different from the rest.
RZB campaign for the launch of the moisture-proof PLANOX ECO electronics retailer
(picture: Thomas Lippmann Photodesign)

caption: Rearwards-directed light to illuminate the ceiling (pic. RZB)

caption: Ideal for luminaire replacement: Flexible installation through sliding mounting bracket
(pic. RZB)

caption: Can be opened and closed without tools using a turn lock fastener, cable screw fitting as standard (pic. RZB)

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