RZB - Downlights and Spots

at the light+building 2018 in Frankfurt, we presented a wide variety of new luminaires.
In this edition of our newsletter, we would like to introduce the “Downlights and spotlights” ranges, which will be available for delivery from now:

- Surface-mounted spotlights
- Recessed downlights
- Recessed spotlights
- Fabric lampshade luminaires

Accentuate exhibition spaces, shops and presentation areas with the CALIDO range.

Decorative FLATLINER SLIM fabric lampshade luminaires make hotels and restaurants look particularly appealing. The various constructions available in the ultra-flat range ensure a particularly high level of design variety.

The dim to warm function of the VORTEX recessed spotlight ensures a pleasant atmosphere in living spaces and restaurants.

The LEVIDO Darklight recessed downlight provides glare-free lighting for corridors, business premises and recreation rooms.

Be inspired!

Surface mounted projector CALIDO®


Recessed downlights LEVIDO Darklight

LEVIDO Darklight Round
LEVIDO Darklight Square

Recessed projectors LEVIDO Swing

LEVIDO Swing Round
LEVIDO Swing Square

Textile lamp shade luminaire FLATLINER SLIM

FLATLINER SLIM Deckenmontage
FLATLINER SLIM Pendelmontage

Recessed projector VORTEX