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RZB Leuchtturmprojekt: Auto-Scholz Center of Experience | Bamberg

RZB - strong light for strong brands

Auto-Scholz | Bamberg

MAR2020 Graft Architects | Berlin

Auto-Scholz Center of Experience opens with the latest MAR2020 Mercedes-Benz brand architecture
The powerful staging of the brand, experience-oriented design of the sales areas and the right light at the right place all make a significant contribution to the success of Mercedes dealerships. Customer needs are brought to the fore even more in this new building designed by GRAFT Architects Berlin and its interior design.
The oversized roof dominating the architecture gets its airiness and floating character from LEDONA IP 65 recessed spotlights. Vehicle details are presented perfectly by the cold white light colours of the RONDOS recessed spotlights which have been used - while warm white light colours are used as a contrast in the adjacent sales advice areas, bringing out the best of the more personal atmosphere and natural wood surfaces. Adaptable and dynamic light scenarios provide fascination and emotion for customer events and vehicle presentations.
Innovative world of experience | START VIDEO
"We are creating an innovative world of experience for our customers with this new brand presence," says Michael Eidenmüller, Proprietor and Managing Director of Auto-Scholz GmbH & Co. KG, Bamberg.
Auto-Scholz, Bamberg | Interview

★ Design-oriented range
Round and square designs, each available in three sizes and two light colours
★ Wide range of potential applications
In protection class IP 65: ball impact proof, suitable for use in the food and drink industry
★ Excellent light quality
Very good glare control and colour rendering with high light output ratio
★ Excellent light quality
No flickering, homogeneous light distribution, very good glare control, outstanding light colour quality
★ Utmost flexibility
356° rotation and swivel range of ±35°, beam angle, narrow, medium, wide
★ Wide range of potential applications
Wide selection of accessories, which can be mounted without the use of tools, and special light colours

Auto-Scholz, Bamberg | GOLAS
Auto-Scholz, Bamberg | RONDOS
Auto-Scholz, Bamberg | ANDHO

Linus Lintner Fotografie | Berlin

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