Professional lighting design

Perfect planning. Perfect light.

Calculation with three mouse clicks

With our online calculation tool, you can carry out a room calculation for all suitable luminaires. You immediately receive the results for illuminance or number of luminaires depending on the room size.

In this way, rough calculations for standard rooms and corridors are possible within a very short time. Try it out!

The online calculation tool can be found directly on the product.

Professional support from our experienced lighting designers

We are happy to support you with the lighting calculations for your projects to ensure that you achieve the best possible result for your lighting tasks.

Our experienced lighting designers provide comprehensive and professional support.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any lighting-related questions:

» Phone +49 951 7909 375

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RZB Software-Tools

Quickly and easily configure your continuous row system on the go


Configure your continuous rooflight as a web application


Plan linear LED systems online



DIALux and Relux

Both programs are free of charge for you and offer a wide range of options for designing your projects exactly according to your requirements.

Dialux allows us to plan indoor and outdoor lighting to ensure it is optimal and energy efficient. It is a powerful software that allows us to simulate different lighting scenarios so you can see how your spaces will look before we start implementing them.

Download Dialux RZB DIALux-Plugin



Relux is another great software we use to plan lighting projects.

Relux allows us to run lighting simulations and maximise the efficiency of your lighting. It also offers a variety of options to plan indoor and outdoor lighting.

Download Relux RZB PlugIn Relux