RZB is BIM-ready!

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling is a cooperative process for recording and managing information on a construction project across the project life cycle, based on digit models. This information is exchanged in transparent communications between those who interact with the building or is passed on for further processing.

Back in 2015, Federal Minister Alexander Dobrindt presented his plans to make the digital planning method BIM compulsory for all infrastructure projects by 2020. This planning method has now become standard worldwide, with leading contractors and architecture firms already experienced in working with BIM.

All RZB products are BIM-enabled

RZB has been providing BIM-enabled data as Revit files for download on this website since December 2016. These files include information such as article number, dimensions, colour, energy consumption, output, etc. This means that all the relevant information, for example on investment and operating costs, energy footprint, maintenance service life and recycling, can be consulted throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

The picture below shows an example for the BIM-enabled files as a direct download on the product page:

BIM data in the download area of our products

Security and transparency with BIM

Avoid any planning mistakes right from the start and guarantee full cost control, transparency and sustainable monitoring. We can help you with this. Get started now and choose one of our download options. This will also allow you to meet the future challenges of digitalisation.

The BIMobject platform

A selection of our portfolio can also be found on the industry-wide BIMobject (https://www.bimobject.com/en/product?brand=rzb) platform.

A link with all the standard CAD programs means they can also be downloaded directly here and integrated in construction planning right from the design stage.

More than 1,500 companies from all sectors are currently represented on BIMobject, the world’s leading BIM content platform, with more than 419,000 products in total. Well over 1.5 million people use this platform regularly with over 47 million downloads to date.