Gentle lighting – poetry for the eyes.

The ubiquity of mobile screens in smartphones, tablets and laptops in today’s world means that glare-free lighting is a requirement that is not just confined to the office. In future, there will be a demand for a pleasant lighting atmosphere restricting direct glare for every environment.
At RZB, our guiding principle is to focus on developing the kind of lighting systems that provide glare-free, gentle LED light in outstanding quality through transparent perspex surfaces for universal use. The intention is also to achieve a magical lighting effect with the characteristics of “minimalist form” and “transparent light control”, which make the luminaires suitable for open use in any architectural environment. These stimulating lighting systems are also ideal for supporting the biodynamic daylight rhythm (HCL). These tunable white versions are particularly good for users’ emotional well-being.
RZB has created the TWINDOT range of LED suspended luminaires as the first product family to achieve a magical lighting effect. These lighting systems are based on the two designs for a new generation of light-decoupled microprismatic and authentic system design by the reputed designer Hartmut S. Engel, with whom RZB has worked successfully for a long time now.
The “TWINDOT light technology” ensures the success of the transformation: the innovative microprismatic transforms the total reflection of the light waves in the transparent perspex into a magical light. The room is bathed in a glowing and gentle light with soft shadows and glare-free light to see and work by. Gentle light poetry becomes a sensual experience.

Highlights of TWINDOT


  • Design-oriented: Minimalist design. Flat design.
  • Extensive: 3 designs, 2 sizes.
  • Long service life: Light guide made of non-yellowing PMMA.
  • Uniform: The diffuser with perfectly glare-free TWINDOT prismatic for homogenous light distribution.
  • Advantageous: Extremely uniform illumination of the ceiling thanks to above average wide distribution of indirect light.

Lighting planning

  • Powerful: High luminous flux up to 8100 lm.
  • Anti-glare: Suitable for office areas and computer workstations.
  • Functional: Tunable White versions are predestined for use in the context of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in combination with RZB light management systems.
  • Dynamic: Variants with daylight and presence sensor.


  • Straightforward: Continuous lines can be created with standard luminaires to be positioned either in the beginning, in the middle or in the end of the row.
  • Connected: Versions with Casambi smart+free Bluetooth® control system for wireless networking.
  • Configurable: Initial setting of luminaires with sensor complying with standards can be individually adjusted via app if necessary.