Convenient NFC parameterisation of self-contained emergency luminaires

Convenient NFC parameterisation of self-contained emergency luminaires. With our smart+IP app, operating parameters such as rated operating time (1/3/8 h) and operating mode (maintained or non-maintained) can be set and read out easily and securely.
The app is available for the Android operating system in the Google Play Store. In addition, manual programming is possible via microswitches within the luminaire.

Highlights of SMART+IP

  • Even before installation, the luminaire can be conveniently adjusted without voltage using the smart+IP app via NFC.
  • The luminaire can be configured without a central controller.
  • Luminaire designation possible.
  • Rated operating time (1/3/8 h) adjustable.
  • Non-maintained power mode or in maintained power mode can be set.
  • Automatic self-test (on/off).
  • Brightness in mains operation adjustable.
  • Number of duration tests per year adjustable.
  • Configurable switching input.
  • Emergency light blocking.
  • Emergency lighting run-on time.