A clean solution with IP 65.

The term “a clean model” has more than one meaning when used in connection with the new PARLEDO. The admiration does not only apply to the luminaire itself, which can undoubtedly serve as a model in terms of aesthetic reduction with a seemingly frameless appearance. The high degree of protection IP 65 on both sides of the luminaire and control gear predestines the easy-to-clean light surface with smooth opal or microprismatic PC diffuser for use with high hygienic requirements such as in the health care sector in treatment, examination and therapy rooms as well as in laboratories.
Thanks to its MultiLumen function and excellent glare control, PARLEDO is ideally suited for standard-compliant use at VDU workstations, even at high luminous flux levels. With PARLEDO you are well equipped in the future: The DALI versions are IoT-ready and can be regulated via TouchDIM.

Highlights of PARLEDO


  • Clean: For high hygienic requirements.
  • Hygienic: Diffuser made from resistant polycarbonate (PC) with smooth surface on room side for low sensitivity to dirt and and easy cleaning.
  • Advantageous: Particularly suitable for use in healthcare and industry.
  • True colours: Model with light colour 940 suitable for medical applications in accordance with the Cyanosis Observation Index (COI <3.3).
  • Tested: Qualified for use in the food and drink industry.
  • Filigree: Frameless appearance in the modular ceiling thanks to the extra slim frame.
  • Safe: Also available as an emergency luminaire in accordance with EN IEC 60598-2-22.

Lighting planning

  • Anti-glare: Diffuser microprismatic: perfect for office areas (UGR ≤ 19) and environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1.
  • Reliable planning: Excellent glare control even with high luminous fluxes.
  • MultiLumen: Luminous flux variable in 4 steps.
  • Optimum: Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).
  • Long service life: LED rated life 60000 h (L80).
  • Efficient: Luminous efficacy up to 147 lm/W.


  • Protected: Protection type IP 65 for luminaire and control gear on room and ceiling side.
  • Robust: Impact resistance IK06 for high impact resistance.
  • Uniform: Flicker - DALI ≤ 1%, MultiLumen < 5%.
  • Plannable: Easy to install thanks to extended connection cable (2 m).
  • Integrated: Suitable for through wiring as standard.
  • Future-proof: DALI variants IoT-ready.