Inviting cascade of light

The robust LED surface mounted luminaire BRICK has an exceptionally flat appearance and yet it is anything but superficial, since the installation has been thought out in depth to ensure time and cost savings. With a height of only 24 mm, the luminaire snuggles up to any stable, flat surface, and gently illuminates stairs, barrier-free ramps or corridor areas – without the need for any significant structural modification to the wall. The luminaire can be installed above the cable outlet in just a few simple steps. Complicated and time-consuming installation work, for example fitting moulded housings or opening up the wall, which is necessary in other procedures, can be dispensed with. This saves a lot of time and thus considerable costs.
Subsequent fitting is just as simple. Installation on exposed concrete or even on transparent material like glass or plastic is also impressively straightforward. The BRICK distributes its light directly but also partially indirectly downwards, cascading through a fluted incline. In this way, the effect of glare can be avoided, despite adequate illuminance. At the same time, viewing the luminaire creates a charming alternation of light and shade.

BRICK in application


  • Advantageous: Choice of three models for ideal adaption to the surroundings.
  • Robust: Sturdy housing of non-corrosive pressure die-cast aluminium for outdoor application, powder coated with stainless steel screws and toughened glass diffuser.

Lighting planning

  • Anti-glare: Asymmetrical downward light distribution for wide dispersion and uniform illumination.
  • Applicable: Flat surface-mounted LED fitting for illumination of wall related areas such as stairs, ramps or corridors.


  • Straightforward: Only 24 mm depth, can be mounted directly over the cable outlet.
  • Easy installation: Drill hole deviations can be compensated to achieve precise positioning.

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