Cylindrical. Simple. Symbolic.

Understated and yet remarkably beautiful, LUPALO is a prime example of the immense power of puristic design. Without unnecessary frills; nothing distracts from the focus on the key essentials: powerful, homogeneous light in a perfectly flawless cylindrical form.

The elegant sobriety of the luminaire, combined with state-of-the-art lighting technology, ensures its over-average versatility. It can easily be integrated in just about any architectural environment and fulfils every requirement – lighting paths in compliance with safety standards, used in a row as a light signet, as design-oriented decorative lighting or as a standard guidance system. Various light distributions, lumen packages, sizes and configurations make these highly adaptable LED outdoor luminaires even more flexible. Depending on personal taste and the area of installation, LUPALO can be used as a bollard, stack or pole-top luminaire. When the optional luminaire canopy is added to the latter, it produces a symbolic, almost archetypal effect ... without losing its characteristically modern simplicity.

Highlights of LUPALO


  • Extensive: Bollards, light columns and pole top luminaires.
  • Robust: The use of low-corrosion aluminium alloys in combination with a two-layer, seawater-resistant coating and stainless steel fastening and connecting elements ensures durability.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.

Lighting planning

  • Efficient: The high quality LED optics provide balanced brightness while minimising energy consumption.
  • Versatile: The comprehensive selection of light distributions and light outputs allows for an universal application regarding illumination of private paths, public roads up to area lighting (parking lots) according to EN 13201.
  • Clever: E-charging module


  • Flexible: Modular design for combining different luminaire head and tube variants as required.
  • Easy installation: Delivered with pre-installed connecting cable.
  • Safe: Membrane valve to prevent condensation.