Light management systems

Light management systems are of the essence when it comes to a holistic approach to quality lighting design solutions. Whether you are looking for an energy-saving daylight-dependent system or a light management system for lighting scenes or for dynamic RGB shoplighting, RZB's range of light management systems is so amazingly extensive that you're bound to find the ideal solution for your office, meeting room or store.

Plug & Play = added value

The modules are delivered ready for rapid and simple plug and play installation, which goes a long way toward ensuring that no errors will occur at the construction site. This manufacturer-tested system is a streamlined solution that allows for the use of lighting management systems that are eminently affordable for the vast majority of potential users.

Our light control +3 solution is a boon for the user alike as it's a self-enclosed system that integrates all necessary components. This in turn streamlines the planning/RFP and ordering processes. The architects wil love the creative freedom provided by our light control +3 solution as wel as the system's wide range of applications.

Modern lighting management ensures a significant increase in energy efficiency, economy and comfort and is an indispensable part of responsible and resource-saving corporate and household management.

RZB Lighting has always regarded lighting management as an elementary part of a holistic planning approach and has long been considered a reliable partner in this area as well, offering consistently high quality products and advice.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Light has a diverse and everlasting effect - visually, emotionally and biologically. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) supports the health, well-being and performance of human beings in a targeted and long-term manner through holistic planning and implementation of the visual, emotional and, in particular, biological effects of light.