Superb area lighting

The SONIS A wallwasher is the optimal solution for uniform illumination of vertical surfaces. Equipped with a highly efficient MIRO® aluminium parabolic reflector, the deep-beam light characteristic coupled with a high lumen package ensures a standard-compliant and fatigue-free lighting level in the visual task area, especially for blackboards. With the MultiColour function, the SONIS A wallwasher can be conveniently set to the preferred light colour 830 or 840. It thus motivates its users with a permanent gain in light and room quality.

SONIS A in application


  • Uniform: Highly efficient LED luminaire with MIRO® aluminium parabolic mirror.
  • Complies with regulations: Ideal for school blackboards illumination in accordance with EN 12464-1.

Lighting planning

  • Powerful: High luminous flux of up to 5850 lm.
  • Efficient: Luminous efficacy up to 143 lm/W.


  • Functional: MultiColour - Colour temperature individually adjustable either 3000 K or 4000 K.

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