Shining a light on design without borders

It takes a beam of light a mere 1.3 seconds to travel from the Earth to the Moon. How can such a powerful phenomenon be controlled and shaped? How can its myriad facets be rendered perceptible? With a series of lights that largely eliminates existing design boundaries. Such a luminaire – a veritable celebration of quality and efficiency – is unmatched when it comes to model variety and versatility.

FLAT POLYMERO in application


  • Versatile: 2 sizes, 2 assembly methods, 2 diffusers.
  • Long service life: Diffuser made of non-yellowing PMMA or impact resistant PC.

Lighting planning

  • Uniform: Homogeneous and smooth light distribution.
  • Dynamic: Versions with integrated movement sensor. Master/slave circuit possible.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.


  • Easy installation: Quick and easy to install.
  • Protected: Versions with high type of protection enable usage outdoors; indoors, it prevents contamination with insects or dust.

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