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Discover the ideal lighting solution for various applications with our versatile AVIATO linear luminaire! Longitudinal or transverse, wall or ceiling - AVIATO is wonderfully flexible and mounted in no time at all. It is not only ideal as a mirror luminaire for sanitary areas, but also provides particularly homogeneous, soft and glare-free light in corridors, waiting areas or patient rooms. A perfect combination of design, functionality and energy efficiency.

A little up, down, right or left - it doesn't matter

A little up, down, right or left - it doesn't matter

AVIATO in application


  • Extensive: 3 lengths, 2 designs, 3 colours.
  • Long service life: Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA), opal.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.

Lighting planning

  • Optimum: Particularly homogeneous, soft and glare-free light.
  • MultiLumen: 2-step adjustable luminous flux.
  • MultiColour: Colour temperature individually adjustable either 3000 K or 4000 K.
  • Advantageous: CRI >90 for the most realistic possible perception of colours of surroundings, obects and people.


  • Easy installation: Very easy installation thanks to plug & play connection.
  • Straightforward: Diffuser can be assembled without the use of tools.
  • Standard: Suitable for through-wiring.

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