CALIDO clickbeam

Flexible multi-talent

Modern, cylindrical, with no visible cooling fins – the CALIDO CLICKBEAM makes a good impression even at first sight.
Then, when you take a closer look at the surface-mounted LED projector, a unique feature immediately catches your eye: the special Click Beam lens. Offering different beam angles, its position can be adjusted in an instant with a push mechanism to obtain the best angle for the application, giving you enormous flexibility.
CALIDO CLICKBEAM can be rotated horizontally by 356° and swivelled vertically by 90° – and a multi-adapter means it is suitable for 3-circuit tracks. This makes the projector, with its housing made of powder-coated extruded aluminium profile, the perfect luminaire for shops, car dealerships, museums and galleries.

CALIDO in application


  • Design-oriented: Cylindrical shape with no visible cooling fins.
  • Filigree: Mini version features particularly compact dimensions.
  • Anti-glare: Black front ring to prevent glare from the side.

Lighting planning

  • Homogenous: Hybrid optical system with lens and reflector for homogeneous light distribution.
  • True colours: CRI >90 for the most realistic possible perception of colours of surroundings, objects and people.
  • Advantageous: Special polycarbonate lens suitable for different beam angles (medium, wide).
  • Optimum: Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).


  • Flexible: Flexibility by Clickbeam.
  • Variable: Adjustable lens position by means of push mechanism to adjust the beam angle.
  • Straightforward: The following accessories can be mounted without use of tools: honeycomb louvre.

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