TRIONA round

Lighting innovation times 3

Discover the ultimate lighting tool: the TRIONA LED area luminaire is setting new standards in terms of visual function, biological effect and emotional light quality. Featuring tunable white technology, it is perfect for human centric lighting (HCL).

With a range including 3 shapes, 3 housing colours, 3 types of installation and 3 diffusers, TRIONA offers the right solution for every requirement. And the best thing is, our progressive ceiling, wall or pendant luminaires are also available in versions with UGR ≤ 19 for glare-free light.

Discover the future of light with TRIONA - for inspiring illumination in every room.

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You have the choice

You have the choice

Choose between 3 colourways for a very flat and seamless profile:

anthracite metallic
silver metallic

High Five

High Five

5 diffusers for optimum illumination:

Plastic (PMMA), opal
Plastic (PMMA) micro prismatic
Glass FerroMurano red (TRIONA round)
Glass FerroMurano blue (TRIONA round)
Glass FerroMurano white (TRIONA round)

Too much glare? Not with me

Too much glare? Not with me

Diffuser plastic opal/microprismatic: Perfect for office areas (UGR ≤ 19) and computer workstations in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.

On behalf of good health

On behalf of good health

Feel better, be more efficient. Tunable White versions are predestined for use in the context of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in combination with RZB light management systems.

Simply install me

Simply install me

Rocker-arm mechanism (patent pending) allows tool-free assembly of recessed luminaires and very simple installation thanks to plug & play plug-in system (Quick-Connector).

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TRIONA in application


  • Extensive: Recessed, surface-mounted and suspended luminaires.
  • Long service life: Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal or microprismatic.
  • Individual: Option of hand-finished FerroMurano glass.

Lighting planning

  • Homogenous: Lateral light emission (RZB SIDELITE® technology) for above-average homogeneous light distribution.
  • Anti-glare: Suitable for office areas and computer workstations.
  • Tunable White: Predestined for use in the context of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) in combination with RZB light management systems.


  • Easy installation: Tool-free mounting system thanks to the rocker arm mechanism (patent pending).
  • Straightforward: Very easy installation thanks to plug & play connection.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.

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