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KALEEA is a highly economical and surprisingly adaptable serie with advanced LED backlight technology. The technology takes its name from the rear light feed, which together with the non-yellowing, micro-prismatic diffuser ensures an extraordinary light quality: remarkably even, powerful, soft and glare free.

Needless to say, this makes the DIN-compliant KALEEA an excellent choice for offices, computer workstations or other applications with glare limitation. For the variants with MultiLumen function, it is even possible to adjust its output – various lumen packages can be selected via DIP switches, so this contemporary luminaire can be adapted to a change of room use or lighting requirements with minimal effort. So using the KALEEA series not only means excellent energy efficiency, but also maximum flexibility in planning and storage.

External driver with simple plug-in locking system.
MultiLumen variants: you can choose between 4 levels of luminous flux which can be set and reversed on the external control unit.
Designs with CRI >90 for the most realistic possible perception of colours of surroundings, objects and people.
Perfect for office areas (UGR ≤ 19) and environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1.
LED backlight technology for homogeneous illumination of the entire light-emitting surface.

KALEEA in application


  • Versatile: 2 designs, 4 sizes, 2 types of installation.
  • Long service life: Version with diffuser plastic made of non-yellowing PMMA.
  • Efficient: Advanced LED backlight technology.
  • Combinable: Also available as an emergency luminaire in accordance with EN IEC 60598-2-22.

Lighting planning

  • Anti-glare: Suitable for office areas and computer workstations.
  • Uniform: Extremely uniform appearance of the light-emitting surface thanks to Backlight-Technology.
  • True colours: Designs with CRI >90 for the most realistic possible perception of colours of surroundings, objects and people.
  • Optimum: Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).


  • Advantageous: Perfect for 1:1 replacement during renovations.
  • MultiLumen: 4-step adjustable luminous flux.
  • Straightforward: External driver with simple plug-in locking system.
  • Accessories: Through-wiring or surface-mounted frame optionally available.

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