Purism meets perfection

ARENO is a veritable classic, one that is unmatched when it comes to functionality, timelessness, and versatility. Its legendary glass oval is a joy to behold, while its corpus blends in perfectly in any setting. And while something so perfect does not really lend itself to improvement, it can be reinterpreted, so long as this is done with the requisite sensitivity to and knowledge of the requirements of contemporary lighting technology.

Oval bulkhead luminaires in application


  • Classical: The oval bulkhead luminaire – a classic with a new design.
  • Robust: Suitable for use in harsh environments.

Lighting planning

  • Uniform: Homogeneous and smooth light distribution.
  • Advantageous: Diffuser made of textured toughened crystal glass.


  • Easy installation: Speedy installation thanks to external fastening clips.
  • Standard: Suitable for through-wiring.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.

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