The essence of light and aesthetics

Cutting back to the essentials is an art. How do you get down to the essence of things? Where is the point at which there is nothing else to add and nothing left to take away? What is a good light and what is a good design? These are all elementary questions to which there is only one convincing answer: LESS IS MORE®
With a minimalist design, myriad accessory options, and outstanding lighting quality: LESS IS MORE is a prime example of the art of reduction - and an extremely successful combination of form and function.

LESS IS MORE 50 in application


  • Extensive: 2 diffusers, 3 colours, 3 installation types.
  • Straightforward: Single luminaires and configurations of continuous linear lighting up to 50 m or complex L, O, U, I shapes offer maximum design freedom.
  • Long service life: Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal or Alea Optical system.

Lighting planning

  • Anti-glare: Versions suitable for office areas and computer workstations with Alea optical system.
  • Versatile: As aesthetically sophisticated general lighting (corridors, office and conference rooms, shops) or accentuated lighting.
  • Reliable planning: Straightforward system planning with the LOUI Configurator.
  • Expandable: With sensors or as a safety luminaire on request.


  • Easy installation: Easy, no-fuss installation.
  • Flexible: Recessed, surface-mounted, pendant and wall luminaires.
  • Sustainable: Replaceable components.

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