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Round or square, in the ceiling grid or suspended: with a design and function offering such a wide range of applications, as well as energy savings of up to 90 percent, this kind of performance deserves a brand new name: from "light" to "cost efficient light".

The SIDELITE ECO range makes it possible to create a world of light - primarily but certainly not exclusively in offices and conference rooms - that is unrivalled in terms of cost efficiency, advanced technology and user-friendliness.

The "cost efficient light" owes its extraordinarily powerful and homogenous light to RZB SIDELITE®technology, which supplies the luminaire body by lateral light inection, generating high-quality light with up to 130 lumens per watt.

Compared to conventional fittings, energy savings of up to 60 percent are possible with the models in this range; even up to 90 percent when used as part of the RZB light control +3 light management system. The round and transparent, round models of the SIDELITE ECO are available as ceiling surface-mounted or pendant luminaires with an impressive diameter of 580 millimetres. The square design is suitable for installation in sawn ceiling openings or as a highly efficient alternative to replace conventional recessed luminaire fittings in the ceiling grid of classic modular ceilings.

The various different models make it easy to select the right luminaire for a specific building or application, providing plenty of planning and budget security.

I will never leave you sitting in the dark

I will never leave you sitting in the dark

Versions with intelligent presence control and brightness sensors.

Flush membrane switch for easy operation.

Flush membrane switch for easy operation.

Pushbutton ergonomically integrated in the luminaire tube.
Direct/indirect light emission can be switched separately.

Down to earth

Down to earth

Flat steel base plate for high stability and space-saving positioning with office furniture. With wide opening in the base plate especially for double workplaces. Cable route in front to facilitate the connection and to avoid trip hazard.

Experience SIDELITE ECO in action...

SIDELITE ECO in application


  • Extensive: Extremely cost efficient luminaires with advanced LED technology, available as recessed, ceiling, wall, pendant and free-standing luminaires.
  • Flexible: LED free-standing luminaires for single and double workplaces.
  • Long service life: Lightguide and diffuser made of non-yellowing PMMA with fine microprismatic.

Lighting planning

  • Anti-glare: Suitable for office areas and computer workstations.
  • Uniform: RZB SIDELITE® technology: Lateral light injection for extremely homogeneous light distribution.
  • Individual: Separately controllable direct and indirect light part.
  • Efficient: Versions with intelligent presence control and brightness sensors.


  • Straightforward: Quick commissioning. Plug in and ready.
  • Easy installation: Pre-assembled components. Luminaire head, luminaire tube, base plate quickly assembled in a few steps.

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