Self-contained monitoring systems from RZB guarantee the recurring, routine tests of the RZB self-contained luminaires installed in a property, as required by regulations and standards, with minimal personnel effort.

The luminaires are connected to the controller via a bus line and forward detailed status messages to the central monitoring system, where they can be retrieved.

This eliminates the need for personnel to check the status of each individual self-contained emergency luminaire directly on site and keeps a manual log of the status of the system. A daily glance at the status of the control centre is sufficient and the inspection log required by the standard is automatically kept by the monitoring system.

Highlights of MULTIDIGIT

  • Visualization via Ethernet interface with integrated web server.
  • Automatic luminaire search for the commissioning.
  • Password protection.
  • Formation of groups.
  • Planning of test times.
  • Integration of building plans.
  • Display of the luminaire location in plain text.
  • Evacuation mode via external switching contact switchable.
  • Automatic generation of detailed test record.
  • Additional alarm contact for forwarding of faults.