Wanted: Lady of the Lampshade!

Warm light, soft shadows, rich colours and unparalleled presence - FLATLINER is a decorative luminaire with enormous design potential, making a statement for and in every room. Its versatility is just as exceptional as the chintz-covered gem itself, is based on a clever modular design and allows future ladies of the lamp to play with limitless colour and light, contrast and harmonies.

Highlights of FLATLINER


  • Decorative fabric lampshade luminaire for room design.
  • More than 50 different standard colours to choose for the fabric lampshade.

Lighting planning

  • Material of fabric lampshade chintz or optionally also flame retardant fabric in compliance with B1.
  • Homogeneous and smooth light distribution.


  • Ceiling or pendant mounting.
  • Fabric lampshades can be fitted to the basic luminaire without tools.