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CENTRYXX emergency luminaires are impressive thanks to their exceptional variability. They fulfil the standards required of emergency lighting, including DIN EN 60598 part 2-22.
Powerful LED technology and top quality lenses guaranties escape route illumination enable relatively wide luminaire spacing, which ensures every CENTRYXX emergency lighting system stands out. If the CENTRYXX range of luminaires is used in the IP65 ceiling luminaire version, the luminaires can also be installed in rooms with a maximum height of 24 m. In this case, special narrow beam double lenses focus the light exactly where it is needed over longer distances. The CENTRYXX W IP 65 designed as a wall luminaire, on the other hand, ensures the central illumination of escape routes with lenses that can be adjusted up to 20 degrees and it can also be used outside as a central battery luminaire.
In emergency situations, self-contained emergency kit or central batteries ensure the connection of emergency luminaires in non-maintained or maintained power mode. All self-contained luminaires have an automatic self-test function. This allows the full functional capacity of the LED and the batteries to be tested. An optional Bus interface ensures connection to a Multidigit monitoring system. If the power supply comes from central or group battery systems, the luminaires can communicate and transmit status reports with compatible systems via the relevant monitoring components.

Best thermal management thanks to die-cast aluminium base.
LED can be adjusted to illuminate the middle of escape route
Operating mode: Can either be connected in non-maintained power mode (BS) or in maintained power mode (DS).
Impact resistant plastic diffuser is suitable for robust environmental requirements.
IP 65 type of protection - dustproof and protected against water jets from all directions.

CENTRYXX in application


  • Design matches modern architectural styles.
  • IP 65 type of protection - dustproof and protected against water jets from all directions.

Lighting planning

  • Wide luminaire spacing for escape routes thanks to special lenses.
  • Best thermal management thanks to die-cast aluminium base.


  • Very low maintenance costs thanks to automatic self-test.

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