Lay-in luminaires, white

Highly economical recessed luminaire with progressive LED technology. For escape route illumination. Frame made of aluminium, powder-coated. Diffuser plastic microprismatic. Lightguide and diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA). Lateral light emission (RZB SIDELITE® technology) for homogeneous light distribution. External driver. Second cable inlet for loop through. External driver with simple plug-in locking system. Extended connection cable (1.90 m). For connection to the emergency power supply.

Technical Specifications

Typ of emergency lighting Central battery system
Monitoring Power circuit
Battery without
Operating mode maintained power mode
Length L 1245 mm
Width B 308 mm
Cut-out length LA 1220 mm
Cut-out width BA 285 mm
Recess height HE 160 mm
Luminaire: recess height HEL 40 mm
Weight 3.64 kg
Light source LED
Colour temperature 3000 K
Rated luminous flux, mains operation 3150 lm
System power, mains operation 29 W
Rated luminous flux, emergency operation 3150 lm
System power, emergency operation 29 W
System efficiency 109 lm/W
Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H) 18,1
Beam angle 94°/92°
Colour rendering index (CRI) 80
Photobiological safety according to EN 62471 Risk group 0
Driver Converter
Control on/off
Voltage 220 - 240 V / 0 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Luminaires on B10A fuse 18
Luminaires on B16A fuse 28
Inrush current / Inrush current duration 15 A / 220 µs
CIE Flux Code / CEN Flux Code 60 87 97 100 100
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II
Impact resistance IK03
Ambient temperature for maintained power -20 °C ... + 35 °C
Ambient temperature for non-maintained power mode -10 °C ... + 40 °C
Conformity mark CE , EAC

Light Calculator

Distance Calculator
Maintenance factor 0,8
Distance of Luminaires a: m
Distance to Wall b: m
Distance of Luminaires c: m
Distance to Wall d: m
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Spring system set
Surface mounting frame