An emissary luminaire

Although the belief that the Earth is flat was disproved centuries ago, these magnificently luminous diffusers could make you doubt the Earth’s roundness for a moment – but in any case open up a new world of ideas and enable us to see messages in the right light.
Illuminate, communicate and impress: the FLAT POLYMERO KREIS not only impresses with its uniform illumination and absence of glare, but its flat and plane surface also makes it ideal for personalization. Logo, image, color area and text can be applied by means of foil and turn the elegant surface luminaire into an expressive ambassador.

FLAT POLYMERO KREIS in application


  • Versatile: 4 sizes, 2 types of installation, 2 diffusers.
  • Long service life: Diffuser made of non-yellowing PMMA or impact resistant PC.
  • Individual: Individual design possible with foil print.

Lighting planning

  • Uniform: Homogeneous and smooth light distribution.
  • Dynamic: Versions with integrated movement sensor. Master/slave circuit possible.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.
  • Ideal: Several monitoring options possible.


  • Easy installation: Quick and easy to install.
  • Straightforward: Patented fastening system for opening the luminaire(s) without tools.
  • Standard: Suitable for through-wiring.

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