PGVG 200

The PGVG 200 is an emergency light supply device according to EN IEC 60598-2-22 for the connection of up to two luminaires suitable for DC voltage operation according to EN IEC 60598-2-22 for a rated operating time of 1 h or 3 h.

The luminaires can be installed up to 500 m from the PGVG 200. The PGVG has an automatic self-test according to EN 62034, which reports a lamp / device fault in the event of a device fault or underload on a lighting circuit, which can be passed on via a potential-free changeover relay and is displayed via an integrated status LED. The two lighting circuits can be switched independently of one another and operated both in maintened and in non-maintained operation. The total output of the PGVG 200 is up to 200 W depending on the variant and maximum bridging time. The maximum output per luminaire circuit is 100 W in emergency mode with a maximum switch-on power of 4000 W for 100 ms.


  • Self-contained system in accordance with EN IEC 60598-2-22.
  • Suitable for DC voltage luminaires up to a total output of 200 Watt.
  • Max. 100 Watt per luminaire.
  • Two luminaires can be connected to one device.
  • Cable length between power supply unit and luminaire up to 500 m.
  • Self test as standard.
  • Luminous flux in emergency mode: 100%.
  • Ideally suited for supplying power to emergency luminaires in areas with high or low ambient temperatures.
  • Battery included.

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