PGVG 200


Self-contained power supply units, grey white (RAL 9002)

Type: NVG200-26-DC-G
Emergency light supply units for operating 1 or 2 luminaires with
incandescent lamps or low pressure discharge lamps with electronic
Single battery system design in accordance with DIN EN 60598-2-22.
Battery: sealed Pb battery.
Housing 960 °C glow wire tested
Output: 106W (rated duration 1h) / 45W (rated duration 3h)
Length with fixing bar: 580mm

Electrical configuration:
electronic part with charger, 2 power monitoring units, 2
switch units, DC-DC converter or DC-AC converter, 2
lighting circuits, deep discharge protective shutdown and automatic
self monitoring function.
Luminaires can be operated in non-maintained or maintained power mode. Separate
luminaire inputs and outputs as well as control inputs to switch the
luminaires in mains operation, for each lighting circuit.
The battery is charged through input 1. If mains power
fails on input 1 and/or input 2, charging is interrupted and
output 1 and/or output 2 is fed from the
battery. Once mains power is restored, the device switches
back from battery to mains operation after a short delay (10s). During mains operation,
the luminaires can be switch individually from non-maintained to maintained
power mode using control inputs 1 and 2. A
remote control switch (passive) or external control signal (active) can
be used to remotely block the switchover from mains to battery
operation. The
device shuts down automatically if overheating, overload or a short circuit
occurs during battery operation. The standard self monitoring function performs
automatic weekly function tests (charger,
switch unit and lighting circuits) and annual rated
duration tests (battery capacity). The luminaires are
controlled by a self-adjusting power management system.
A display and a foil key show operating states and
malfunctions, and permit function tests to be triggered
manually. A message output can forward group malfunctions to
an external alarm system.
Battery unit with maintenance-free, sealed Pb battery,
service life 6 to 9 years, according to EUROBAT.

Mechanical configuration:
battery and electronic units in separate housings in accordance with DIN EN 50272-2.
Battery unit with ventilation slot.
Screw-fastened lid, hinged at the side. Cables threaded through
cable bushings.

Technical specifications:
Mains supply: 1~/N 230 V; max. 0.25A; 50 Hz
Output voltage: 230 V ~ (mains), 170¸ 225 V = (battery)
Permissible ambient temperature: + 5 to + 45 °C (electronic unit), 0 to
+ 20 °C (battery unit)Protection class: IP56 (electronic unit), IP33 (battery unit)

Technical Specifications

Monitoring Autotest
Type of Installation wall (surface)
Charging current 5 A
Outgoing circuits 2
Maximum connection power per final circuit 100 W
Luminaires per final circuit 1
Luminaire monitoring Circuit monitoring
Potential operating modes Non-maintained , Maintained , Switched maintained
Max. Switching power 2000 VA
Battery capacity 26 Ah
Max. power 1h 115 W
Max. power 3h 50 W
Nominated voltage of battery 12 V
Output voltage mains 230 V AC / 225 V DC
Input voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
  • System ready
  • Battery mode
  • Mains mode
  • Loading error
  • Luminaire error
  • Battery error
  • Testing mode: function test
  • Testing mode: full rated duration test
Terminal blocks max. (output circuits) 2.5 mm²
Switch entrance
Typ of emergency lighting Self-contained system
Number of luminaires 2
Luminaires / circuit 1
Battery Pb
Duration 1 h , 3 h
Operating mode non-maintained power mode , maintained power mode
Length L 560 mm
Width B 237 mm
Height H 170 mm
Weight 15 kg
Voltage 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Type of protection IP 33
Protection class I
Conformity mark EAC



UE-DIM, Electronic switch for dimming operation