Emergency conversion kits LEH

Emergency conversion kits LEH

Emergency light kit for LED

Consisting of emergency light module in metal housing and battery. With status display. Operation in maintained and non-maintained modes possible. Display of the test results over multicolored status LED. Can be used up to 2 meters from the luminaire. Suitable for use according to VDE 0108-100 / EN 50172.

The LEH emergency lighting module must be used in a combination ballast for mains operation and an LED. In other words, the ballast must always be separate from the LED. In mains operation, the connected LED is supplied by the ballast, while, in emergency mode, the LED is supplied by the LEH emergency lighting module.

Please note:
To be able to use an emergency lighting module in an LED luminaire, the following conditions must be met:
1. The LED must be supplied with +/- through two connecting cables.
2. Different or additional control cables in the LED (for voltage / signals) are not permitted.
3. The two connecting cables (+/-) of the LED must be freely accessible.
4. With electronic current limitation, the rated output of the LED in mains operation must be higher than the output that the emergency lighting module can supply in emergency mode.
5. The maximum current in mains operation must not be higher than 2.5 A.

Before an LEH emergency lighting element is used in an LED luminaire, its compatibility with the LED configuration must be tested.

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