RZB Wallscaping


The term wallscaping is made up of the English words "wall" and "(land)scaping" for (landscape) design. The WALLSCAPING series by RZB is exactly that: the enhancement of outer walls through light. For this purpose, the four successful wall luminaires TECHNO, CYL, ZONO and NADELSPOT were redeveloped from scratch.

The four product families TECHNO, CYL, ZONO and NADELSPOT share a clear design language made up of the timeless basic forms of cuboid and cylinder, which supports their use in modern architecture. The housings are constructed in two parts and are exceptionally easy to assemble. A uniform wall panel forms the basis. The innovative Gravolock lock – a new word created by RZB – promises quick and easy installation of the luminaire head, which is mounted without screws on the housing base and is fastened by means of a latch.

The luminaire is closed at the top and bottom by a frameless glass cover with bayonet connection. The gentle light emission at the edge of the glass gives the WALLSCAPING luminaires their unmistakable character. With the various beam options and the different luminaire head designs within the WALLSCAPING series, the perfect solution for an architectural highlight can be found for practically every environment.



    • Four luminaire bodies - one mounting bracket.
    • Seawater resistant coating.
    • Innovative housing concept: fixing and electrical connection is done only at the fixing plate, the luminaire is screwlessly plugged on thereafter and held into position via RZB Gravolock® System.
    • Elegant appearance with no visible screws thanks to the RZB Gravolock® System, with a latch as theft protection.
    • The standard large cable inlet allows a simple loop-through without an additional connection box.
    • The elegant linear shape excellently suits modern architecture.
    • Integral membrane valve for pressure compensation and avoidance of condensation.

    Wallscaping PRO

    • Versions with MultiLumen: Luminous flux adjustable in 3 steps.
    • Versions with DALI
    • Versions with Interchangeable reflectors