The quintessence of safety

How do you go about meeting safety requirements in settings where architecture, elegance and design are mission critical? How can standards be met if the architect is trying to get away from them? How can function and design be harmonized? The answers to these questions can be found in our ultra-flat and elegant TENUO escape sign luminaires.

Reduction to the essentials finds impressive visual expression in this escape sign luminaire, giving new meaning to the term “flat.” An unassuming angular aluminium housing frames, like a picture frame, the only 5 mm thick display panel, which integrates patented MicroLens technology. The TENUO’s powerful LED technology produces light that is 98 percent uniform and that uses minimal energy; and this in turn guarantees a long service life and extremely low maintenance costs.


    • The ultra-flat exit sign luminaire with highly efficient LED technology.
    • One-piece aluminium frame made of quality brushed anodised aluminium.
    • Specially calculated thermal management.
    • LED rated life 50000 h.
    • Uniformly lit legend panel thanks to use of patented MicroLens technology.

Luminaires for escape route identification