A Venetian legend

Venetian glassblowing is a craft that remains legendary to this day. Our SIDELITE® FERRO MURANO combines this traditional craft with extraordinary design acumen and path-breaking LED technology, which is a logical explanation for the luminaire’s quality and substance, but not for its almost magical aesthetics – whose secrets need to remain hidden; for every legend derives its power from such secrets.

The core element of the Sidelite® Ferro Murano is a thin Murano-glass disk made by world renowned Ferro of Venice, Italy. Thanks to lateral light injection via RZB Sidelite technology, this masterpiece of glass provides exceptionally homogenous, powerful and soft light. More than seven centuries of Ferro-inspired skill, praxis and passion make each hand-blown glass disk a compellingly lovely one of a kind element.

The entirety of this “floating” circle is infused with light, such that the playful filigree of the Murano glass is brought to life in a fascinating manner by the Sidelite FerroMurano’s sleek aluminium housing.

The SIDELITE® ELLYPSOID variant is not less legendary and attracts the spectator’s attention with its eye-catching oval shape that creates a feeling of spaciousness, and provides either direct or both direct and indirect light.
The SIDELITE® ROUND variant with its diffuser made of opal or miroprismatic PMMA completes this remarkable luminaire series.


  • Imposing pendant luminaire with exquisite Murano glass
  • Traditional craft meets state-of-the-art LED technology
  • Integrates hand-blown Murano glass disk made by glass manufacturer Ferro Murano
  • The Murano glass disk is available in 4 different colours and makes each luminaire a one of a kind element
  • RZB SIDELITE® technology:
    lateral light injection for extremely homogeneous light distribution
  • LED life span: 50,000 hours
    (LED included)
  • Colour temperature: 3,000 K and 4,000 K
  • Control gear integrated in the canopy
  • Steplessly adjustable 3-point steel cable suspension; special lengths are available on request
  • Available variants:
    SIDELITE® ELLYPSOID and SIDELITE® ROUND with PMMA diffuser, microprismatic/opal, suitable for computer workstations in accordance with EN 12464-1, UGR < 19

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