New material for great ideas

RZB combines efficiency with variety and, with the TOLEDO FLAT(LINER), offers virtually unlimited design options and a wealth of material for brilliant ideas in playschools, hotels and restaurants. The efficient TOLEDO FLAT LED downlight is the basis for this attractive union. Combined with the high-quality chintz fabric lampshade from the FLATLINER range, a new generation of decorative yet technically sophisticated fabric lampshade luminaires is born: the TOLEDO FLAT(LINER) series.


TOLEDO FLATLINER - the principle

The numerous versions available with the highly efficient LED basic luminaire and the attractive value for money of this downlight are what make the RZB TOLEDO FLATLINER a versatile and economical all-rounder. The ideal solution can be put together from a choice of four different sizes, four luminous flux configurations and two light colours. You can choose from ceiling-mounted, pendant or DALI dimmable versions.

The versatility of this range continues with the choice of chintz fabric lightshades available. The decorative lightshades are hand-made in Germany and come in 78 different standard colours, four sizes, round or square basic designs and can also be made flame-resistant if required. A satin-finish polycarbonate cover can also be added as an optional extra. If, in spite of the attractive selection of standard colours to choose from, you can’t find what you are looking for, the fabric lightshades can even be printed to order.

The uniform illumination, highly efficient LEDs and cost efficiency of the basic luminaire, combined with the wide variety of light shade designs, open up virtually unlimited options – in hotels or restaurants, playschools and in fact wherever material for new design concepts is required.



  • Decorative fabric lampshade luminaire for room design
  • The basic luminaire for fabric lampshades is the Toledo Flat series
  • over 70 different standard colours to choose from for the fabric lampshade
  • Standard shapes cylinder and cuboid
  • Material of fabric lampshade chintz or optionally also flame-resistant fabric
  • Fabric lampshades can be subsequently fitted to the basic luminaire without tools
  • Satin finish diffusers made of polycarbonate are optionally available
  • Energy-efficient decorative luminaire thanks to LED lamps
  • LED rated life 50,000 h (L 70, W 10)
  • Colour rendition Ra > 80
  • Good colour consistency: within 4 MacAdam ellipses (4 SDCM)
  • Colour temperature 3,000 K or 4,000 K
  • Converter for standard (On/Off) or dimmable DALI
  • DALI converter DC voltage-capable - suitable for central emergency power supply
  • Ceiling or pendant mounting
  • Customised solutions available on request. Huge choice of shapes, fabrics and prints

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