The Sonis EVO from RZB sets new standards and (r)evolutionises the world of recessed ceiling luminaires with its innovative Alea optical system. The square reflector elements are combined to form a reduced, linear structure. The non-yellowing, opal diffuser reduces direct glare, ensures excellent light quality and protects the highly efficient LEDs. Thanks to the dark light effect, the Sonis EVO has an impressively discreet presence and produces glare-free light to work by, which conforms to standards. With its matt white housing, it inconspicuously blends in with all light-coloured ceilings. Its cost efficiency and the revolutionary Alea optical system make the Sonis EVO an attractive alternative to popular surface lighting.

Sonis Evo 360°



Use your mouse to control the 3D application.


You can control

  • zoom (mouse wheel)
  • turn (keep left mouse button pressed)
  • pan (keep left mouse button pressed)
  • Move (hold down right mouse button)
  • switch on the light (click the light switch)
  • switch off the light again (click the light switch)
  • further buttons show detail functions


Use the buttons at the bottom right of the application to call up additional functions.


  • Highly efficient LED luminaire
  • Alea optical system for glare-free lighting at workplaces (UGR ≤ 19)
  • Narrow beam, brilliant luminous effect
  • LED rated life 50,000 h (L 80, W 10)
  • Luminous efficiency up to 125 lm/W

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