Prize-winning individualist

One of the salient traits of individuals with a strong personality is that they cope skillfully with daily challenges and integrate themselves into their environment in a manner that is fully consistent with and does not brook any compromise with their own personality. And so it is with our SLOPIA luminaires: stylish projectors that meet the highest design standards thanks to their extremely shallow and beautifully shaped spotlight element, while at the same time they impeccably fulfill their intended purpose, which is to provide masterful illumination.

Outstanding design meets world-class quality: the SLOPIA’s housing, housing cover, front frame and junction box are constructed of die-cast aluminium, the dual-reflector system is made of high-gloss anodized aluminium and a transparent safety-glass covering, and the mounting bracket is made of stainless steel. The SLOPIA’s generous rotation and swivel range allows for individualized adjustment, and the fact that the product is available in an HIT lamp or LED version allows for economical lighting in just about any indoor or outdoor area.


  • Stylish designer projector that meets the highest design standards
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Highly efficient HIT or LED lamps (included)
  • Symmetrical spot that allows for a highly accentuated light focus or assymetrical light diffusion.
  • Extremely compact thanks to our dual reflector system
  • Variants: with multi-adaptor for ceiling or wall mounting on triphase bus bars
  • Integrates Gore™ protective vents membrane valve for condensate reduction