The shop(ping) queen

What we mean by this is not an enthusiastic customer, but rather a highly efficient and attractive seller, whose versatility is virtually matchless. For our Pura Spot spotlights show both products and stores in the best possible light and give new meaning to the term “profit share.”

Sales support as a royal lighting technology discipline: the ingenious modular construction, three different housing sizes and colour schemes, various configuration options, and optional accessories such as anti-glare shields and louvres, and UV and food filters make our Pura Spots the veritable queen of spotlights and one of the most versatile products of this type available today. These luminaires are highly suitable for store lighting, as well as for room and art object lighting in galleries and museums. No matter where Pura Spots are used, they allow for economical use and planning certainty – both of which are the logical outgrowth of their innovative LED technology, versatility and quality. Pura Spot housings are constructed of die-cast aluminium with a powder-coated finish. The reflectors are made of faceted aluminium and feature a heat resistant plastic front ring that not only prevents side glare but also allows for reorientation of the spotlight in a hot operating state.


  • Aesthetically beautiful interior spotlight series that is highly versatile, comprising: Recessed ceiling spotlights comprising 1 or 2 lamps that can be swiveled 356 degrees horizontally and 65 degrees vertically; Surface mounted ceiling spots comprising 1 lamp that can be swiveled 356 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Available with either HIT or LED light sources
  • Modular construction (luminaire, reflector assembly, and ballast) allows for maximum versatility
  • Countless customization options thanks to the availability of optional accessories such as anti-glare shields and louvres, and UV and food filters – all of which are suitable for use with recessed or surface-mounted spotlights.
  • Tool-free reflector and cover plate replacement thanks to a bayonet socket
  • Heat resistant plastic front ring that prevents lateral glare and allows for orientation of the spotlight even in a hot operating state
  • Interior luminaire cover that protects against dust and prevents light from falling on false ceilings (recessed models)
  • Tool-free installation via spring loaded fastening (recessed models)
  • Surface-mounted models come with multi-adapter for three phase 230 V bus bars

Recessed projectors

Surface mounted projector