The indestructible ones

If a moisture-proof luminaire already has its potential application in the name, then normally there should be nothing more to add. No way! Because then numerous properties like those of the PLANOX family would not be mentioned at all - think of the particularly resistant and valuable materials, the extreme impact strength, the thermal resistance or the high protection classes. From a rational point of view, these models would rather have deserved the description "indestructible luminaires". But that simply sounds far too clumsy for these slim, sophisticated problem solvers, don't you think? Planox
Robust, efficient, versatile: PLANOX is a tried and tested series of moisture-proof luminaires whose high quality diffusers are optionally available as PMMA or impact-resistant PC. They are injection-moulded, prismatic inside, with a satin finish, and guarantee homogeneous light output.

  • Efficient moisture proof luminaire for wall and ceiling
  • With T5 or T8 lamps
  • Protection class IP 65
  • Injection moulded diffuser, prismatic inside and UV-resistant
  • Diffuser optionally in PMMA or PC
  • Homogeneous light output
  • In three lengths, with 1 or 2 lamps and with different wattages
  • Seal between the diffuser and housing is made of non-ageing PU foam

Planox ECO
Even more energy efficient, even more durable and even smarter: After the latest technical relaunch, PLANOX Eco is once again justifiably being referred to as the “most innovative moisture-proof luminaire of its kind”. The best of all the clever improvements now is undoubtedly the combination of two wattages in one single luminaire: there could hardly be a more appropriate and more efficient solution. The change between the two wattage levels is made with a toggle switch in the connecting terminal. The main feature of the PLANOX Eco continues to be its strikingly slim, flat housing providing impressively homogeneous illumination in 320°. Cable entry via a cable gland at both ends makes the luminaire extremely easy to handle, as do the sliding stainless steel brackets, which allow existing drill holes to be used again. As a result, it really does not take much time at all to install these luminaires, may it be in a new build or change from “old to new”.

  • The most reasonably-priced LED moisture-proof luminaire of its type
  • 1:1 replacement for fluorescent lamps
  • Protection class IP 66
  • Flexible installation through sliding stainless steel clips
  • Through-wiring as standard for further luminaires
  • Cable installation on both sides through turn lock fastener
  • In 3 lengths and 5 wattages

Planox LED
Let lumen speak for itself! Here, an especially high light yield meets exemplary ease of installation. Compared to moisture-proof luminaires with conventional lamps, PLANOX LED can also be used with energy savings of up to 62%.

  • Highly efficient LED moisture-proof luminaire
  • 1:1 replacement for fluorescent lamps
  • Luminous efficiency of up to 133 lm/W
  • Protection class IP 66
  • LED boards can be individually replaced
  • Quick-fastening clips made of stainless steel
  • Easy connection with attachable LED unit
  • In 3 lengths and 5 wattages
  • Seal between the diffuser and housing is made of non-ageing PU foam

Planox TUBE
An attractive LED protective tube luminaire with a round housing for wall, ceiling and pendant mounting. PLANOX TUBE stands for high quality interchangeable components, fast and easy mounting as well as flexible light direction output.

  • LED protective tube luminaire with interchangeable LED unit
  • 1:1 replacement for fluorescent lamps
  • Luminous efficiency of up to 110 lm/W
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Sliding retaining clips
  • The beam direction can be selected by rotating the luminaire in the retaining clip
  • Also available with through-wiring for light channel arrangement
  • In 5 lengths, 5 wattages and special lengths


  • Moisture-proof luminaires/protective tube luminaires for rough environments
  • Luminaires with limited surface temperature;
    for workshops where dust or fibres can create a fire risk
  • Resistant, low-maintenance and durable
  • LED versions with a system service life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Impact-proof and unbreakable housing made of polycarbonate, impact-resistant up to IK08
  • For ambient temperatures of -30 to +40° C
  • Good glare suppression and high visual comfort
  • Various mounting options (ceiling, wall, pendant versions)