The play of light, without histrionics

Although there’s no rule that says you’ve got to be playful with light, knowing how is a tremendous advantage. Our Lightstream LED provides luminous efficacy that is virtually unheard of in the lighting industry (not to mention in stage lighting). Thanks to the availability of three different lighting diffusion options via a single housing design, our Lightstream fixtures create professional looking light and shadow effects. And because we use only the very best components, you’ll never have to deal with the “histrionics” of short-lived lamps, rust, condensation or breakage. So while our competitors may face such “theatrical” problems, we rise above them – by providing products that deliver outstanding durability, quality and design.

No matter what you want your “production” to look like, our Lightstream LEDs incorporate uncompromising quality and efficiency into your “screenplay” from the get-go. With luminous efficacy amounting to 140 lumens per watt, the spotlight models set new standards when it comes to lighting quality, and use up to 83 percent less energy than halogen lamps. What’s more, the fact that, with a single housing design, you can choose between a floodlight, medium bright, or narrow beam spotlight solution exponentially increases application options for this LED light. Whether you use them as accent lighting, flood lights, path lighting, or object lighting, whatever element finds itself in the “limelight” of our LED LIGHTSTREAM is sure to earn the plaudits of all concerned – as will your lighting technician. Other attributes of this superb lighting solution include intelligent mounting solutions down to the last detail, replaceable LED modules, adjustment-angle scales on the die-cast caps, and a second power cord opening for cable loopthrough.


    • Multipurpose high performance outdoor and indoor LED floodlights
    • Extremely durable; extremely maintenance friendly
    • One housing design, three light distribution modalities: flood light, medium beam spotlight, narrow beam spotlight
    • Exceptionally high luminous efficacy
    • Replaceable LED module with lampholder; nominal service life 50,000 hours (L80/B10)
    • Reflectors made of high-grade, high-gloss anodized aluminium
    • Extremely robust housing made of rust-proof aluminium alloy, with aluminium brackets and stainless steel screws.
    • Two sizes, highly versatile, numerous models (e.g. seawater-resistant model, emergency lighting, portable variant with plug and power cord)