LESS IS MORE® 27 floor luminaire

The linear design style of the LESS IS MORE® series is also unmistakeable in the LESS IS MORE® 27 floor luminaire. The extremely narrow, minimalist luminaire head produces direct downward light, which is compatible with computer screens, via an aluminium micro-grid. Glare-free, indirect light is also directed upwards. Light emission via a satin-finish PMMA plastic diffuser produces the distinctive line of light. A flat membrane switch makes the luminaire easy to use. Other features, such as presence control and brightness sensors, can be integrated, ensuring total efficiency and comfort at every individual or double workstation – which is more in evidence than ever before with a LESS IS MORE® 27 floor luminaire.

(B)RIGHT POINTS LESS IS MORE® 27 floor luminaire

  • LED floor luminaires for single and double workplaces
  • Versions with intelligent presence control and brightness sensors
  • Ideal for working places with computer screens (UGR ≤ 19)
  • Extremely narrow luminaire top
  • With integrated converter
  • Direct and indirect light output
  • LED rated life 60,000 h (L 80, W 10)
  • Good colour consistency within 3 Macadam ellipses (3 SDCM)
  • Flush membrane switch for easy operation
  • Versions with wide opening in the base plate specially for double workplaces

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