Considering resource efficiency and versatility are now among our key objectives, the new RZB INDUSTRIAL HALL downlight must surely be seen as a revolutionary.

The flat hall downlight is made of die-cast aluminium, has high-performance, dimmable wide-area LEDs in light colour 840 and replaces conventional high pressure mercury vapour lamps and metal halide lamps, with energy savings of up to 70 percent. With the help of the optional aluminium reflector or plastic refractor, values of UGR ≤ 22 or UGR ≤15 can be achieved, thus making many different applications with glare limitation possible. These accessories and the resulting variants not only increase design freedom and planning reliability. The LED hall luminaire comes at an attractive price and in a fashionable industrial design, as well as scoring points with its high IP 65 protection class, robust housing made of die-cast aluminium and single-pane tempered glass cover. Its limited surface temperature makes INDUSTRIAL HALL particularly suitable for workshops where dust or fibres can create a fire risk.

Good news for fitters - simple installation thanks to 1-point suspension and keyhole mounting makes the assembly process quicker and easier. In the DALI dimmable version, INDUSTRIAL HALL is also suitable for operation on central battery units AC/DC in compliance with EN 50172.


  • Very attractive LED hall luminaire, in terms of both price and design
  • Primary light control with LEDs
  • Nominal service life 50,000 hours (L70, B10), light colour 840
  • Uses up to 70 % less energy than conventional light sources
  • Optional accessories for limiting glare: reflector (UGR ≤ 22) and refractor (UGR ≤ 15)
  • High protection IP 65
  • Robust housing made of die-cast aluminium, powder coated
  • Simple to install thanks to 1-point suspension
  • Highly modern, rough industrial design; ideal for use
    * in production, warehouse or exhibition halls
    * but also as design-oriented illumination in the commercial sector (shops, shopping centres, restaurants)