Wanted: Lady of the Lampshade!

This decorative position unconditionally entitles you to the use of this impressive fabric lampshade, offering plenty of planning freedom. Indulging this freedom will often result in striking light and spatial effects, as well as an extremely welcome side effect - just about limitless fun with creativity.

Warm light, soft shadows, rich colours and unparalleled presence - FLATLINER is a decorative luminaire with enormous design potential, making a statement for and in every room. Its versatility is just as exceptional as the chintz-covered gem itself and is based on a clever modular design: the basic luminaire to fit the fabric lampshade is available as a ceiling mounted or pendant version, each in three different sizes. The separate lampshade is available as a cylinder, cuboid or truncated cone shape. The range of - wait for it - 75 standard colours allows future ladies of the lamp to play with limitless colour and light, contrast and harmonies. When it comes to design, colour and material quality, you can even design your own customised solutions and prints. And to ensure your design ideas are also suitable for low-cost lighting solutions, all members of the FLATLINER family are available with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED or TC lamps.


  • Decorative fabric lampshade luminaire for room design
  • Available with energy-efficient LED or TC lamps
  • Modular design for the greatest possible design freedom Mounted or pendant version, each in three different sizes + chintz shade available as a cylinder, cuboid or truncated cone shape
  • Hardly flammable fabric in compliance with B1 available as an option
  • 75 standard colours to choose from
  • Special solutions and printed designs possible
  • Suspension for installation of the fabric lampshade without tools
  • Pendant version 3-point steel cable suspension, infinitely height-adjustable, special lengths on request
  • Fitting and canopy in white, powder-coated metal
  • Transparent power supply cable

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