An emissary luminaire

Although the belief that the Earth is flat was disproved centuries ago, these magnificently luminous extra large diffusers could make you doubt the Earth’s roundness for a moment – but in any case open up a new world of ideas and enable us to see messages in the right light.

Illuminate, communicate and impose: with the FLAT POLYMERO® KREIS, the operant word is not “or” but rather “and.” The voluminous 1,040 millimeter diameter of these luminaires provides homogenous and glare-free lighting and lends itself to the application of logos, images, surface colours and texts – thus transforming these luminaires constructed of powder-coated metal and PMMA plastic or polycarbonate into powerful communication instruments.


  • A series of luminaires with voluminous surfaces that can be personalized and comprising ceiling, wall and suspended models.
  • Imposing 1,040 mm diameter
  • Can be used for interiors or exteriors (depending on protection type):
    Flat Polymero® Kreis XXL = IP 40;
    Flat Polymero® Sensation Kreis = IP 44
  • The diffusers are available in high quality polycarbonate or opal PMMA plastic.
  • Can be personalized via film printing (film guaranteed for 10 years; UV and weather resistant in some models)
  • Sash lock closure