The opal glass FLAT system

Rounding off the corners

This expression may bring you back to your high school shop class days, or may remind you of a recent DIY project. But in fact, what’s involved here are the corners of a room, of which there are generally four. At least one such corner needs to have a round FLAT OPALGLAS lighting fixture – and nothing more.

Our FLAT OPALGLAS lighting fixtures are notable for offering a wide selection, the pleasure people derive from using them, and their marvelously homogenous, soft and glare-free light. The latter attribute is attributable to, among other things, the triplex glass that is used. This hand-blown three-layer glass is composed of an opal glass layer that is enveloped by two layers of crystal. This special glass diffracts the light a number of times, and then distributes it evenly across the entire glass diffuser. And even when the fixture’s diffuser is not illuminated, it conveys elegance and quality. The FLAT OPALGLAS lighting fixture is available in the satin-finished Basic model, or in the silk-finished Crystal version, with a decorative crystal border. The base is constructed of sturdy plastic, is connected via a spring system or bayonet socket, and allows the glass diffuser to be readily removed and put back in place. Numerous diameters, various types of light sources, and optional movement sensors make planning and using this lighting fixture simple and efficient.

Features: The opal glass FLAT system

  • Very extensive line of wall and ceiling luminaires for interiors
  • Hand-blown three layer (triplex) opal glass available in
    * satin finish (Basic) or
    * silk finish (Crystal, with decorative crystal border)
  • Triplex glass provides particularly even, soft and glare-free lighting
  • Available in various diameters ranging from 200 to 630 mm
  • LED versions reduce energy use by up to 80 percent compared to conventional light sources (LEDs last for 35,000 hours, and are included in the scope of delivery).
  • Spring system or bayonet socket makes for easy handling
  • Sturdy plastic base
  • Models with movement sensors are also available
  • Optional decorative ring for additional individualization
  • Ideal for areas where general lighting needs to be excellent, and particularly for entrance areas, corridors, stairwells and the like.

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