Light squared, grace2

Even the base of this magnificent minimalistic crystal luminaire is invisible, leaving wall and space to the elegant crystal diffuser. This is in keeping with the QUADRALED’s advanced, but nonetheless minimalistic, LED technology. In short, this luminaire reflects the expertise and artistry of glassmaking in all of its many facets. The inner surface is embossed in both the round and square versions. Each luminaire is a magnificently handcrafted one of a kind object that provides outstanding lighting quality.

In designing the QUADRALED, extreme care was taken to ensure that no element detracts from the beauty of its glass fixture. Highly sophisticated LED technology that is reduced to its essence places the QUADRALED in a class by itself, and enables it to generate genuinely exceptionally high quality lighting. Thus our QUADRALED luminaires are a timeless design and lighting implement that delivers amazing efficiency; plus they retain their value for years to come. The crystal light fixture rests on an invisible base, which is constructed of anodized aluminium with a brushed and stainless steel-colour finish. The fixture screws into the base. The inside of both the circular and square variant is white, thus allowing for soft, glare-free direct light.


    • The crystal glass body of this flat symmetrical luminaire makes a stylish and elegant impression..
    • The form is in keeping with its minimalistic LED technology, which provides outstanding illumination..
    • Each Quadraled is unique and reflects the craftsmanship of the glassmaking process..
    • The interior white colored circular and rectangular surfaces prevent glare..
    • The luminaire is timelessly elegant and fully integrates in architectural surroundings.